Dab Rig 101 – What Is It? & How to Use One

In previous years, Dabs were reserved for the individuals that were perceived as serious smokers. Yet the process, has started to gain popularity in the different dabbing communities and even with the non-regular users.

A dab is described as an oil based concentrate that has been extracted out of dried plant materials. The characteristics of dabs are similar to waxes or a type of shatter and when used with very small hits they offer an amazing experience. “Dabbing” is a term used to reference a process of inhaling the dabs which is typically consumed through small hits.

How to Use a Dab Rig – Video:

The dab rigs have a similar look and design to the glass bongs. However, these devices are specifically designed to only consume dabs. This means to smoke a concentrated form such as wax, shatter or oil.

If you have never used dab rigs before also known as oil rigs, you can expect a truly enlightening experience. The glass oil rigs have been classified as specialized bongs that serve the purpose of vaporizing wax and oil concentrates. These devices are more portable and compact when compared the glass bongs. They also deliver a powerful and smooth hit in association to the advanced vaporization and cooling methods.

Here Is a List of 3 of the Best Dab Rigs Currently Available

1. Cheech And Chong’s Anthony Vapor Bubbler

This dab rig is made up of a borosilicate heat-resistant glass and is designed for

Anthony vapor bubbler

vaping essential oils and concentrates. The bubbler comes with a built-in reinforced downstem which connects to a double-tier, powerful showerhead percolator which offers maximum filtration.

This bubbler measures 8.35-inches in height with a thick-base which offers outstanding stability. When using the device, the vapor pulls down into the fixed downstem into submerged slits inside the showerhead percolator. This is where the vapor is cooled and filtered. The entire process translates into a more enjoyable and smoother hit that are flavourful as well as less harsh to the lungs and the throat.

2. Grace Glass GG Nautilus Vapor Bubbler With An Inline Diffuser

This unique vapor bubbler has been designed for the use of dry herbs, waxy oils and concentrates. The entire set-up comes in a box that is easy-to-store. This box features the 14.5mm female vapor-dome and the 14.5mm female herb-bowl, the herb grinder, glass-concentrate nail, paper tips along with the silicone jar designed to store your waxy oils, concentrates or dry herbs. GG Nautilus Vapor Bubbler With An Inline Diffuser

This bubbler is 9-inches in height and comes with a fixed reinforced downstem along with the 14.5mm male joint. It also has the slitted inline-diffuser which performs the function of filtering and cooling the smoke by breaking the vapor up into to tiny bubbles.

The Nautilus Vapor Bubbler is recognized as the ideal choice for those is search of a high-quality bubbler which is versatile enough to use with waxy oils, concentrates as well as dry herbs.

3. G-Spot Dab Rig With A Domeless Quartz Nail

This is one of the more elegant dab rigs and is designed for the use of waxes and concentrates. The unit is made out of a 2.5mm thick, clear borosilicate glass along with a 40mm wide-body and the 100ml volume that offers increase in water capacity, filtration and cooling. G-Spot Dab Rig With A Domeless Quartz Nail

This dab rig with an included mouth piece measures 14-inches in height. This popular rig features the removable glass-mouthpiece, which connects with precision to the 14.5, connection joint. The slightly bent and elongated mouthpiece is designed for additional comfort. The solid base offers added stability while the bulge of the mouthpiece offering additional grip so that it is easy to remove.

When using this device, vapor will be pulled into the submerged-slits inside the diffuser-downstem. This is where the smoke is cooled and filtered before it breaks out onto the surface of the water. This cooled vapor then travels into the mouthpiece for a smooth and flavourful hit.

This is the type of dab rig that all your smoking buddies will be impressed by, due to its outstanding performance. The device comes with removable parts making it easy to maintain and clean the unit. This is the type of glass dab rig that will last you a lifetime if maintained in the correct manner.